Your Path to Living Orgasmically

Connect Deeply to Your Body, Claim What You Desire to Create, and Cultivate the Confidence to Have it All!

From the comfort of your home! 

January 28-30, 2022

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3-Days to Connect, Claim and Cultivate YOU!

Join Patty Alfonso, The Orgasmic Body Whisperer, for this exclusive online event

Your Path to Living Orgasmically is for passionate, powerful, magical and driven women who are ready to live a pleasure filled life AND are committed to creating everything they desire.

You won't be attending "just another event"

Over the last 15 years, Patty has developed a transformational process called The Orgasmic Body Love Experience. During this event, Patty will show every step of the process which has contributed to her (as well as her clients) living orgasmically - even during these intense times of change!

It's time to re-claim, re-connect and re-cultivate you and your body's brilliance!

You will learn dynamic practices for:

  • Conscious, deep, connection and communion with your body.
  • Deepening your relationship with yourself and claiming what YOU want to create in YOUR life.
  • Cultivating your confidence so you can make bold choices for MORE NOW.

Oh my gosh, talk about a woman who embraces the essence of your body and the brilliance of connecting with your true self.  Patty truly helps you see and feel you as a being, your beauty, your body and your sensuality so you can take your business and your life to levels that you never dreamed possible. 

~ Andrea M, USA

She is an amazing woman with a unique and powerful perspective on how to relate and connect with your body.  She really helped me connect to my body in a meaningful and powerful way.

~ Melissa H, USA

It’s time to... 

What will you experience during this 3-Day Online Event? 

  • Release the walls of guilt, shame, and judgment that are stopping you from truly connecting with your beauty, your potency, and your creativity.  You’ll be able to tune in to what your body KNOWS and use that to create and receive beyond your wildest imagination!
  • Get out of auto-pilot and get present with your body and your life.  You’ll finally be connected to what YOU desire to have and create in this life.  Whether it’s in your relationships or your business, you’ll always know what is true for you.
  • You will feel your primal feminine body's brilliance.  By unlocking your body’s brilliance you’ll have access to all of her magic.  You’ll learn to let go of the head and allow your body to lead you to pure pleasure and joy.   
  • You’ll become unstoppable. Unleash the courageous leader within.  Become her inside and outside of the bedroom.  Sexy, alive, vibrant, passionate, and on purpose.  

Magical Woman...need I say more?

Once you reconnect to your true self and your body's brilliance, everything in your life will change and become easier. 

You’ll open up the floodgates of receiving.

If you’re reading this, your body is ready to show you so much.

Are you ready to let her guide you in receiving more love, money, and joy?

Investment in YOU: $997

Early Bird Pricing $297

Early Bird Pricing Expires October 31st!

What are people saying about Patty's events?

Three Days That Will Revolutionize Your Entire Life
(Yes… even your sex life will transform!)

Curious if living orgasmically is for you?  Let’s see…

What happens when you’re not living orgasmically?

  • You become disconnected from yourself, your body, and your desires.
  • Life becomes dull and stale. 
  • You end up feeling lonely, sad, and insecure.  You start thinking that you don’t deserve any better than what you have.
  • You end up giving up on yourself and your desires. 

When you give up on you...

  • Anytime you try to change anything, you end up reverting right back to the same old patterns that got you stuck in the first place.
  • You live your life according to what everyone else expects from you rather than what makes you happy.

Then, you shut down…

  • You shut down your sensuality, your aliveness, and your sexual pleasure.
  • You end up bending, folding, stapling, and crippling yourself to please others and never ever pleasing you. 

Guess what all of this causes in the long run?


Pain in your heart and pain in your body.

Does any of this sound familiar to you?

Instead, would you like…

A vibrant, joyful, sexy, and embodied life

To be completely in-love with yourself and with your body

To embrace the beauty of you and your body now

The ability to receive everything you’re asking for with ease

To commit and communicate what works for you with elegance

Freedom from the old stories you’re using to stop you

Connect to your body’s feminine brilliance and use it to create YOUR life

The sense of being full with passion, pleasure, and purpose

Invest in an event where you actually embody you instead of just talking about it

THIS is what I call…Orgasmic Living!

Does that sound more like the YOU you’d like to BE?

Then join us for Your Path to Living Orgasmically!

Investment in YOU: $997

Early Bird Pricing $297


Early Bird Pricing Expires October 31st!

What you’ll learn:


The Orgasmic Body Love Experience™ IS Your Path to Living Orgasmically!

Discover your unique path towards orgasmic living through The Orgasmic Body Love Experience™

You’ll finally know exactly what’s required to explode into pleasure in every area of your life.

What the heck is orgasmic living anyway? You know you want it.  You’re curious about it but WTF does it actually mean?

You'll learn the 5 Keys to Orgasmic Living so you can start living them now… even during these weird-ass times!

Get ready to know, at a deeper level, what orgasmic living looks like inside and outside of the bedroom. 

 You’ll have a sense of what is stopping YOU from living orgasmically and what you can choose now on your path.


Unlock Your Body’s Brilliance with Movement

It’s time to let go of the energies that are stealing your life force, shutting down your pleasure, and destroying your body. 

You'll become more physically present with your body so you can tune in to what you need moment by moment.

On the afternoon of Day Two, you'll Join Patty for a movement experience designed to awaken your body.

Discover the forgotten language of your feminine body by working with Patty’s Pole Dancing for Consciousness Sensual Feminine Movement practice (don't worry! NO POLE is required)

We'll be activating your body's brilliance with conscious movement. We'll focus on breath, flow, flexibility, sensuality, and warming up your body.

You’ll experience the unapologetic, free, and fierce expression of your feminine body.

We'll let go of the mind and allow your body to lead through conscious breath, gentle touch, easy flow, and your innate sensuality.  Healing will emerge through the Energetic Awakening of Being energies we will activate as we move in communion with all energies!

It’s time to tune in and turn on!

This class came at the perfect time for me!  I wanted to be more connected with my body and explore my sensuality.  I was excited and nervous at the same time.  As I relaxed and allowed my body to do whatever she wanted, my movements became more flowing and less forced.  I found after the last class, which was early morning for me, that my body continued to move and explore for the remainder of the day.  I’m ready for more now!

~Karen, New Zealand

I love to dance so this class was a YES for me right away. My body and I love being outside but I felt stiff and as if the energy was coming from “external” places. I wanted to feel more connected with my body in a different way. This class was all about MY BODY and what she wanted. I felt so connected to her and could really feel the energy of her leading. Nothing coming from my mind. It was ALL BODY LOVE!

~ Laetitia,  Switzerland


Experiencing Life in a New and Sensuous Way: What's next?

We’ll complete the event by learning how to use your feminine body’s brilliance in the creation of your dreams!

You can't live orgasmcially without your body!

And now that you have a deeper sense of awareness with your body, what pragmatic practices can you put in place?

This part of your journey is JUST the beginning!

Get clear on what YOU TRULY desire to create now and for your future. Invite your body into the conversation. Allow her to show you how SHE ASKS from the Universe!

You'll hear from women who are choosing to live orgasmically and what this choice is creating for them. It can show up in so many ways!


Investment in YOU: $997

Early Bird Pricing $297

Early Bird Pricing Expires October 31st!

For the first time in my life I feel like I have a voice. A voice to express my desires, a voice to ask for what I need with confidence and a connection to my body I've never had before! Thank you Patty!

~ Mary, USA

I was single, unhappy with my body, and I hated my job.  I have now created everything I ever wanted!  I married an amazing man, we live in our dream home with our first child and our dog.  And, most importantly, I love my body just as she is right now!"

~ Courtney, USA

Unforgettable, life-changing moments with extraordinary women!

Deep connection with you & your body

Real time change and transformation.

Inspiration to choose more now

The potency of your feminine body

Investment in YOU: $997

Early Bird Pricing $297

Early Bird Pricing Expires October 31st!

I love hearing an idea I've never heard before! Patty you blew my mind again! I continue to feel more fully alive in my body.  I keep releasing all the pain and stiffness I’ve locked in my body.  I am enjoying feeling no guilt about taking the time to choose for me and my body!!

Maria, USA

Start living orgasmically now!

A deep knowing of your innate value

A long-lasting transformation

Empowered feminine embodiment

A chance to continue this journey with me!

Investment in YOU: $997

Early Bird Pricing $297

Don't wait! Choice Creates!

Early Bird Pricing Expires October 31st!

Your Guide on the Path to Living Orgasmically

Patty Alfonso, The Orgasmic Body Whisperer A Master Facilitator, Renowned Coach, and Bestselling Author. 

Patty is a sought-after speaker, and teacher.  She has spoken in front of royalty, government officials, thought leaders, and influencers around the world.

Her Pole Dancing for Consciousness™ and Orgasmic Body Love Experience™ methods are a cutting-edge approach that transforms the lives of her clients, helping them move beyond pain and limitation by accessing the amazing power of the body to heal itself

Patty is the author of the #1 International Best-Selling books: Your Body as the Creation of Consciousness and Dancing as the Body of Consciousness.  She hosts the weekly show Orgasmic Living where she helps listeners unlock their body's brilliance so they may live orgasmically.

Investment in YOU: $997

Early Bird Pricing $297

Last Chance to Choose!

Early Bird Pricing Expires October 31st!

What’s the Cost of Not Taking Action?

What if you do nothing right now… where will you be in a year’s time?

I know what happens when you don’t take action.  I spent the first 30 years of my life living this way...

Unhappy, disconnected, frustrated, and unfulfilled.

The biggest turning point for me, and for the hundreds of clients I’ve worked with, was changing my relationship with my body.

Once I included my body more in my life, once I connected to her and stopped living from the head up, everything changed. 

  • My body has guided me in creating a life I LOVE living. 
  • I am never alone.
  • I have a partner in creation that always has my best interest at heart.
  • My body shows me the possibilities that live beyond my wildest imagination.
  • She guides me to always HAVING more in every area of my life. 

I’m here to tell you that it IS possible to have the life you’ve always dreamed of– and yes, you can start now no matter where you are today. 

It doesn’t have to take years of therapy or spending an outrageous amount of money trying to figure it out. 

Are YOU ready now?


As soon as you register, you’ll receive…

The Orgasmic Living Assessment (Value $125)

Straight out of The Orgasmic Body Love Experience online course, I’ll be sending you The Orgasmic Living Assessment.

You'll get really clear, present, and vulnerable with where you are today so you can start asking for what you desire right away!

Activate Your Feminine Body Playlist (Value $125)

Movement is imperative to creating with your body! I’m going to share with you my PERSONAL playlist of my favorite songs.

The joy of embodiment includes the full range of expression that is available to your body. This playlist has all kinds of flavors for you to dive into moving whatever energy you’re experiencing! You’ll love it!